Graphic Renderings
We would be happy to provide you with graphic renderings of your project prior to the construction. Here are a few samples of projects that we have completed or currently working on. Our clients were very pleased with the graphic renderings that we provided and they were also very pleased with the completed constructed projects.
{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2D%22''%22%2D%2D%3EHere is a pending lobby remodel project at a Hotel on a "Marine Air Base'. We have already successfully completed an outstanding complete remodel project for their "Officer's Club".

The elevation view of the lobby.
Continued elevation view of lobby.
Rear elevation view of front reception area.
Here is the project that has been completed for a "Marine Air Base Officer's Club". We want to thank the "Department of Defense" and all the folks on the "Marine Base" for selecting us to build this outstanding project for the hard working men and women who serve our country. They truly deserve these types of wonderful interiors of buildings!
Another very large project was building a matching cabinet with a curved granite top for the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa in Indian Wells, CA. They decided to have us modify the existing larger cabinet in all of their 541 guest rooms to hold a new refrigerator and the rooms safe instead of building the smaller matching cabinet. They were all very pleased with the completed project.